Wuhan party

Now, the central Chinese city of Wuhan appears to have moved on from the virus, as thousands of revelers gathered in an open-air water park for an electronic music festival without any masks or social distancing measures insight and enjoyed a great Wuhan party.

The epicenter of the pandemic faced the toughest lockdown in history after the cases were reported late last year, residents took a cautious approach when the city re-opened 2 months ago.

Over the weekend, the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park was filled with partygoers in swimsuits bunched together shoulder to shoulder, waving to the beat of the music while cooling down in hip-high water; others relaxed on inflatable rubber tubes that packed the pool to the brim, with little space to float around.

The crowded party scene remains unthinkable in many parts of the world still grappling with the deadly virus. More than 21 million people have been infected across the globe, with tens of thousands of new cases reported every day in the United States, Brazil, and India.

China has some of the greatest tourist sites in the world and it’s very positive to see things getting back to normal