Reopening For Tourists : Travel Update

The world has turned completely upside down since after the pandemic COVID-19. From the economy to travel, health issues to financial stability, everyone has its own story because we all are right now in the same ocean of coronavirus and its spreading, battling as per our precautionary measures. Since the pandemic has hit tourism and travel on a massive scale, coronavirus has us all frozen in place and dreaming of when we can start booking again? When will the world be open to travel? Well, there comes a ray of hope in these crucial times, the good news is that some countries are gradually opening up again and are providing timelines on when travel might again be possible.

Let us have a look at Coronavirus travel update that which countries are open and which are closed? As the travel is being disrupted almost constantly by the pandemic COVID-19, we at Nomadlo will keep updating this article daily to share which borders are closed for foreign travelers and where in the world is still open to travel.

CNN reports, “Although most governments are still advising against nonessential international travel, a host of popular destinations are beginning to ease their Covid-19 lockdown measures and border restrictions and are moving toward welcoming tourists back.

  • Belgium:

From 15 June, Belgium will open its borders for travel to and from the European Union, including the United Kingdom.


  • Cyprus:

Tourism accounts for at least 15% of Cyprus’s economy.

Cyprus international air travel will restart on June 9 and the visitors from only chosen countries will be allowed to enter the borders of the country, a 100-bed hospital, and a 500-room quarantine hotel has also been announced for the travelers who are going to test positive for COVID-19.
  • Thailand:
Thailand received almost 40 million foreign tourists last year. It is one of the world’s top destinations for a holiday. The country banned international flights since March because of the pandemic and it stands relatively low with less number of coronavirus cases.
 CNN Travel, Thailand, reports that it might check the origin of the traveler along with restrictions and limitations if the international flights come to open by June. It shows Thailand where Phuket is one of the top-visited destinations is unlikely to open its borders to travelers from destinations that don’t appear to have the coronavirus situation under control. The ban on incoming international commercial flights was recently extended until June 30 and Phuket International Airport remains closed. TAT estimates that visitor numbers will drop to 14 to 16 million this year.
  • France:
France was another one of the most visited destinations for holiday in the world before the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions are currently in place on all nonessential travel. It is being hoped that the flights for international travelers will be open from July.
  • Greece:
Almost 20% of Greece’s economy relies on tourism. The country is now planning to allow travelers back in on June 15. “The tourism period begins on June 15, when seasonal hotels can reopen,” Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on May 20. The direct international flights to Greek destinations will slowly resume from July 1, and tourists from 29 designated countries will no longer be expected to take a Covid-19 test or go into quarantine on arrival.
  • Germany:

Germany is preparing to revive its tourism industry. Officials are also considering allowing entry to visitors from selected countries. Although a final decision is yet to be made.
  • Mexico:
Mexico is gradually moving to open up the country aiming to welcome visitors back within weeks. “The target is domestic travelers first, followed by travelers from the US and Canada and then the rest of the world. According to Marisol Vanegas, the state’s tourism secretary. “We want to revive tourism and expect to start opening sights and hotels sometime between June 10 and 15 but don’t know which ones yet,”
  • Turkey:
Turkey is aiming to receive international visitors from mid-June. The country made over $34.5 billion from tourism in 2019. The destination plans to receive international visitors from mid-June. “The more transparent and detailed information we give, the more we will earn the confidence of tourists,” Tourism Minister Mehmet Ersoy told Reuters earlier this month while revealing plans to open.
  • Italy:
Italy has been one of the destinations worst hit by the pandemic, but the hugely popular European country is keen to get its tourism industry up and running now that infection rates have slowed down. “We have to accept it; otherwise, we will never be able to start up again.” ” Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said in a televised address.
  • Spain:
At least 84 million people visited Spain in 2019. Spain’s lockdown was one of the toughest in Europe, but restrictions are gently being lifted. Beaches set to reopen in June while hotels in some parts of the country have already been permitted to resume business.
From July 1, EU travelers will have permission to enter without having to quarantine for two weeks. “Come July, we will allow the arrival of foreign tourists to Spain under safe conditions,” Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said at a recent news conference. “We have to guarantee, when international tourism opens, that the person who comes to Spain is a safe person,” Spanish Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto recently told the local newspaper, El Pais.
  • The Maldives:
The Maldives is one of the most lavish destinations in the world, but the Maldives looks set to become even more exclusive once it reopens. The island nation, made up of over 1,000 islands, closed its national borders and canceled all flights shortly after recording its first two coronavirus cases in March. However, around 30 resorts here have stayed open, with tourists opting to self-isolate in the famous honeymoon destination rather than return home. “We are planning to reopen our borders for visitors in July 2020,” reads an official statement issued by the Ministry of Tourism on May 30.
  • Portugal:

Portugal is keen to revive its struggling tourism industry, with Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva recently declaring “tourists are welcome.”

  • Egypt:
International flights to Egypt are likely to recommence during June and July. Tourism brings in around $1 billion in revenue for Egypt each month, so the impact of the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic has been significant. The government suspended passenger flights back in March, but now international flights are yet to begin operating again. Considering international flights beginning towards the end of this month and in the first half of July.”
  • United Kingdom:
The United Kingdom is one of the most iconic places to visit in the world. Since after the lockdown, now returning the business into the order, a mandatory 14-day quarantine has been issued for all arrivals to the UK from June 8, choosing to enact stricter regulations.
The government recently announced that, as of June 8, all arriving travelers will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. Under the new rules, all arrivals will have to provide an address, at which they must remain for two weeks. Around nine out of 10 flights have been grounded since the UK went into lockdown.
  • United Arab Emirates:
The United Arab Emirates, an evergreen tourist hot spot is now planning to open international flights. Dubai hopes to welcome back travelers by July to September. In Dubai, guests are required to wear masks at all times and can only check in to rooms 24 hours after the previous guest has checked out. Meanwhile, in Abu Dhabi, masks are also compulsory for guests and all returning employees are required to undergo Covid-19 screenings. Dubai Airline, Emirates was the first airline to conduct the coronavirus test of the passengers.