As being a beach lover, there is nothing like that soft, grainy white sand, you will find a tantalizing body of water splashing up against its shores. Check the list of top 5 white sand beaches stretches of seashore that won’t disappoint even the most discerning sand chasers. From the Maldives to Panama city beach, it is always something there for someone. What’s better than a relaxing day at a tropical beach in an exotic destination? Perhaps a beach holiday where the turquoise waters meet the sandy white beaches to create a dreamy effect, Breathtaking!

Hyams Beach:

Officially the whitest sand beach in the world, Hyams Beach is a beach bum’s dream that lures with its stunning white sand and turquoise hue of the sea. Snorkeling, sailing, skiing, jet ski, are the key activities here.

Grace Bay: Turks & Caicos:

Grace Bay in Turks & Caicos is known for its pearlescent white sand along with its calm and shallow waters that are free from rocks and seaweed. Its crystal clear water makes the view amazing for you.

Orange Beach: Alabama:

Orange Beach is a family-friendly destination with its to-die-for white sand beaches. Families stay near the water so they can plan lazy beach days and trips to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.

Matira Beach: Bora Bora, French Polynesia:

Bora Bora’s Matira Beach sits on the main island beneath the gorgeous Mount Otemanu. This white sand beach is the perfect spot for relaxation, but it can also be the starting point for a water sports adventure.

Railay Beach: Krabi, Thailand:

Krabi’s Railay Beach is a small peninsula with four beaches to be exact. Here you will find gorgeous powder white sand shorelines, towering limestone cliffs, and caves.