Northern Lights


Aurora is a natural light display the Earth’s Sky, commonly known as northern lights as they can be seen from the Arctic and Antarctic regions is a high altitude place. It the most surreal experience in the world. Best places and facilities to experience northern lights are located in Norway and Finland.

Key Details 

Cost: USD 200+ Per Night

Time: 1-2 Days

Location(s):  Finland, Norway, Alaska, Iceland, Sweden

Currency: Euro

Local Rideshare: Uber


Spend the night under the light show of nature in Glass Igloos, Finland

In Finland, you can actually sleep under the Northern Lights. The resorts have glass igloos and nothing can come closer to the experience you can have to watch the best light show in a warm luxurious igloo. The best time to witness is August to April the further you go north the better view you can have.

Glass Igloo Northern Lights Finland
Glass Igloo, Finland

Northern, Norway

Among the most fascinating places to see the stunning display is the North of Norway.

Northern Norway
Northern Norway


What to Expect 

Witnessing the northern lights is definitely a bucket list item for many, it feels like you’re directly gazing through the cosmos. If you go for a luxurious option five-night long safari is the best option you can stay in remote arctic town Tromso, it is the capital of the “northern lights show’.