Mount Kilimanjaro National Park


One of the most complete adventure destinations in the world Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is located in Tanzania, home to Africa’s highest mountain, the snowcapped Mt.Kilimanjaro. Around the base of the mountain are one of the finest Safaris and Hiking Trails.

If you want to climb the Mt.Kilimanjaro it’s a 6 -7-day tour, Marangu is the cheapest and easiest route offers huts and dormitories.

If you want to explore the famous safaris and wan to see the big 5 of Africa, the tour can cost anywhere between USD 2000-3000. This covers best parks in Tanzania and usually, the trip cost includes your boarding and food for 4-6 days of safari.

You can explore Savannah, this place is not for solo travelers usually, there are local companies that operate the guided tours.

Few tours are also available for Joy climbers as well, this is usually a one day tour. If you’re going to explore Tanzania we recommend you stay for 10 days and have a decent amount of cash.

 Key Details 

Cost: 2000+ USD

Time: 4-10 Days

Location: Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

Airport: Kilimanjaro International Airport

Emergency Services: 112, 114

Currency: Tanzanian Shilling


What to expect

This is the experience of a lifetime, you will experience wildlife adventure, mountain climbing, camping, trekking, and a lot more. You’re likely to see the majestic animals in their wild habitat it’s different than Zoo and Safari Parks.

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro
Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Getting There