Travel Guide Eiffel Tower
Travel Guide Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and romantic destinations in the world, you can see the majesty of this structure for free, however a lot of tourists have a bucket list item where they want to go on top of the Eiffel Tower, it is the most visited pay to enter monument in the world with over 7 million tourists per year. You can download a visitor’s guide

Key Details 

Cost: USD 5 – 30 (Depends on age and access)

Time: 3-4 Hours

Location: Paris, France

Nearest Airport: Orly Airport (15.4 KM), Charles de Gaulle Airport (25.9 KM)

Emergency Services: 112

Currency: Euro

Local Rideshare: Blabla Cars, Uber


Eiffel Tower Deck
Eiffel Tower Deck

What to expect 

The visit to the top usually takes 2 – 3 hours it is recommended you take your time and see this beautiful structure and see the mesmerizing views of Paris. The tower has three observation platforms, look for the hidden apartment of Gustav Eiffel he uses to have a little space of his own and never rented out the premises, we recommend you to view from the second floor good enough height to view all of Paris and low enough so you can see all the historical landmarks, there will be long ques for the elevator so it is smart move to take the stairs and let gravity help you. You can grab a bite to eat on the first floor on your way down it has shops and also has some exhibits.

Eiffel Tower Night
Eiffel Tower Night

Getting there 



Note: The Eiffel Tower’s status as a historic monument, its layout, and the high visitor numbers mean that special public safety measures must be taken. All public spaces may be closed if required, and bag and parcel checks put in place. Large items of luggage and pets (except guide dogs for the blind) are not allowed within the Tower. There is no left luggage facility.