Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is the lowest place on our planet, the salt concentration in the dead sea is 34% more than anybody of water on Earth since our body weight is lighter than the density of dead seas’ water our body floats effortlessly on the surface since it is the lowest place on earth the oxygen levels are great and the natural ocean minerals rejuvenate every part of your body. It is a surreal experience surrounded by the Judean Desert and dry canyons.

Key Details 

Cost: Free

Time: 3-4 Hours

Location Jordan and Palestine

Airport: Queen Alia International Airport

Tourist Police Department: 196

Currency: Jordanian dinar

Local Rideshare: Uber

The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea

What to expect

Floating in the dead sea is a trippy experience, you cannot do this anywhere else, don’t stick your head underwater the salinity will burn your eyes, enjoy the spas around and we don’t recommend splashing this is way different than your regular beach trips. We recommend you to swim further from the shore to get a better experience, you don’t need lifeguards nobody drowns in the dead sea.

Floating in the dead sea

Getting There